Our mission it to make every home renovation project a success for our customers. We are excited to see homeowners move into their new home, with fully renovated beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. We will give you full control of your home renovation process, while assisting you every step of the way.







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Free Contractor Referrals

Hundreds of contractors on our marketplace, and we don’t take any commission

Truthful Reviews

Truthful review database built based on friend referrals

Standardized Process

We tackle the design and permitting process ourselves and try to standardize it

High-quality Products

We also source and sell our own high-quality products for you to put in your home

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Maybe you would like to renovate in the future? Join our community and find inspirations from other homeowners' projects. (Please wait a while, in development)

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Home renovation can be quite challenging! It can be difficult to find the right Pro, since the labor price is always changing, and the quality of the Pro is unclear. Don't worry, we have collected lots of reviews on each Pro, from various channels, so you can see for yourself that our Pro is the best! Follow the steps below to get started on your home renovation project, and free feel to contact us with any questions, we will be happy to help.


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Get an initial estimate from contractor. Understand what you can do

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Compare quote, pick a contractor to work with, and sign the agreement


Get exact measurements for your house, It will be helpful when purchasing finishing materials


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Start construction, your contractor will handle the rest from this point on

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After researching online, we realized there are not enough reviews about contractors and homeowner's renovation experience. Have you completed your home renovation project? If so, please share your experience and write reviews for your contractor, so your friend and homeowners can benefit from it. You will receive a $20 gift card as well~Write a Review

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Our team and culture

We have a team of architects, interior designers, and software engineers, focused on making home renovation simple and exciting again. We love our home! We are mission oriented, and we want to make your home a beautiful place for you to live in, especially during this difficult COVID times, when we are spending more time than ever in our home.

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