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ONE-STOP shop, we will help you with design, permit, and renovation.Free design free if you shop one of our predesigned ADU packages.We save you 30% of permitting time and 1 month of renovation time.Upfront pricing, we don’t charge more after contract is signed.Free consultation services feel free to come ask us questions.

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Our ADU Packages

Package A

Floor Area: 495 sfDimensions: 38' x 13'

Package B

Floor Area: 712 sfDimensions: 35' x 20'

Package C

Floor Area: 1000 sfDimensions: 50' x 20'

Our Advantages

One-stop service, less worry

SayHomee has completed multiple ADU jobs, managing it end-to-end from design, permits, and construction. SayHomee is experienced with the entire ADU construction process, thus, homeowner don’t have to worry about any part of the construction process. By handling the entire process, homeowner don’t have to spread risks to multiple vendors, SayHomee will be the single point of contact for your ADU project.

Save on design and permitting fee

After working on multiple detached ADU jobs, SayHomee have discovered that detached ADU drawing and permitting can be standardized, saving homeowner design and permitting costs up to $10,000. By picking one of SayHomee standard detached ADU packages, homeowner can save time and cost, while still providing highest space utilization and reasonable functions.

Transparent pricing and communication

SayHomee values price and communication transparency. We will be transparent will all pricing upfront when homeowner is making their decisions and promise that we won’t increase pricing after contract is signed unless it is a change request. We will communicate frequently throughout each step of the construction process, so homeowner knows exactly what is happening without going to the jobsite.

Beautifully designed finishing materials

We use high quality rough and finishing materials for our package services. We work with multiple vendors such as Toto, Delta, Kohler, Sun Design Center to source our finish materials, all beautifully designed and high quality.

What is ADU?

Full ADU

ADU, short term for “Accessory Dwelling Unit”, is a secondary dwelling unit with complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. Because of the shortage of housing in California, the government introduced ADU to help improve the housing crisis and encourage landlords to rent out their ADU for long-term rental. For homeowners, building an ADU for rental means an addition source of income, as well as increasing the value of your property, without the need to purchasing another property. Today ADUs are also known by different names: granny unit, granny flat, in-law unit, in-law cottage, mother-in-law apartment, sidekick home, laneway home, backyard guesthouse, backyard cottage or secondary dwelling unit.
At least one
At least one
At least one
Living room
Not required


A Junior ADU (or JADU) is a new category of dwelling units created by the State of California. There are several distinctions between a standard ADU and a JADU detailed in the table below. The main difference is that a JADU is not required to have a dedicated bathroom.
At least one
At least one
Living room
Not required

How It Works


Free on-site consultation

Contact our architects to schedule a free on-site solution consultation, to determine the feasibility and provide you with an estimate cost for building your ADU.


Select the right ADU package

Our architects will take into account your housing situation and negotiate with you to help you choose the ADU package that is most suitable for you. If needed, our architect can also provide custom proposal for your project, cost may vary.


Start construction and prepare finishing material

We will prepare a project schedule and start construction according to the schedule. We will also start to discuss with homeowners, and prepare the finishing materials, getting them shipped to the job site.


Evaluate work, customer satisfaction guaranteed

After ADU project delivery and city’s final inspection are complete, we will perform a final walk-through with the homeowner to make sure homeowner are satisfied with all the details. Homeowner will get 2 rounds of feedback where we will fix all the issues found during the ADU walk-though. We will also provide 1-year warranty for all materials and construction issues found after. Our goal is to provide an all-inclusive ADU package, so homeowners can live and enjoy their ADU.

Interested in our ADU packages?

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