Kitchen Design and Remodel

3D scan your layout and experience your design in VR tour

One-stop service, we will help your all the way throughout your projectHave one of our designers help with your 3D renderingOur project manager will have you save up to 30% of your timeUpfront pricing, no surprises after your project starts
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Choose a Design

Choose a kitchen design and style you like

3D Scan Your Layout

Download app to 3D scan your room layout

Discuss Your Design

Discuss your design with our interior desginer

Experience in VR

Visualize your design in a 3D virtual tour

Our Process


Choose your cabinet brand and style

Choose your cabinet brand and style, and we will help you design your layout.


Scan your layout

Download our partnering app to scan your kitchen layout, to get a 3D representation of your existing kitchen, so we know what your kitchen looks like.


Design your kitchen

Work with a dedicated interior designer to finalize your kitchen design and confirm materials


Meet your contractor and start construction

Meet your contractor who will be building your kitchen and schedule a start time for your project.


Be satisfied

Our team greatly values customer satisfaction, and we want to make sure you are happy with the result. Double-check your end result, and we will fix any issues until you are satisfied.

Our Advantages

+ One-stop service, kitchen remodeling made easy

To provide the most superior kitchen remodeling service, SayHomee will help you throughout your project, from design to permitting, to construction. Our dedicated project manager will always be in touch with you to help you with any problems you might have.

+ 3D layout scanning and design rendering service

Our team leverages the latest 3D scanning technology to get an accurate layout of your home, and our dedicated interior designer will help you create a 3D rendering of your dream kitchen for you to visualize through VR.

+ Managed scheduling and save time

SayHomee team will help you prep your kitchen renovation materials, to make your life easier, and well as making sure the right materials arrive on time so your project doesn't get delayed.

+ Amazing quality, superior service

We partner with high-end suppliers to source quality materials for your kitchen remodeling project. We value our customer experience, not only do we want the end result to turn out great, but also, we want to make sure the customer has a great time throughout the construction process.

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