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Why Friend Referral?

Friend Referral

Traditionally, most people pick pros through friend or agent referrals. We would like to build a strong network of quality Pros by bringing the offline friend referral system to online.

Variety of Pros

Both contractors and designers are important to our home renovation marketplace. Some projects may be more complicated than others, and require architectural drawings, thus, if you have any trustworthy designers, we welcome them as well!

Service Quality

You have first-hand experience working with your Pro, thus, you know exactly how good they are. Your feedback is valuable for your friends to make sure they receive their project is successful as well.

Our Mission

SayHomee's mission is to build a transparent home renovation marketplace where there are no middleman fees, price and quality is consistent. We need your help to make this possible. By referring your contractor and leaving your review, we can eventually build a database of high-quality Pros.

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