4 年前
Ms. Sharon's new home is a 750-square-foot townhouse in an old area of Washington. As a former designer, she knows better than any other homeowners that it takes a lot of effort to transform such an old and humble abode into a decent home.

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The major cities in the U.S. have higher house prices, such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, where Ms. Sharon lives -- a townhouse is a good option for singles, young professionals who do not have much savings yet. Townhouses have many advantages:

  • You do not need to pay extra for the maintenance, almost everything is included in association fees.
  • Most residents are young people, you will be able to make friends in the neighborhood soon.
  • Location. Whether you like big city life or enjoy the rural living environment, there are always townhouses for you to choose from.

Eventually, some are often forced to live in an older townhouse in order to have a satisfying location based on the budget. Old is not necessarily bad. After some careful reorganization and transformation, it can be a brand-new home to show off in a conversation with your friends.

That’s what Ms. Sharon did. By repainting the walls, adding some small furniture, the crib has been upgraded to an aesthetically pleasing five-star home. The bathroom was completely remodeled, while other rooms only went through minor changes without any big expenses. If you are also having headaches for home space, do not forget to save these tips.

Picture: The living room after transformation

Go Agaisnt the Tide When Choosing Color Pallet

Many people believe that dark colors create a relatively narrow vision. Apply dark colors to solve the issue to enlarge space, you must have lost your mind.

Dark colors may make the home look smaller is true in most cases. It is not, however, a perfect law. Just as with Einstein's theory of relativity, classical Newtonian mechanics is challenged. From the above picture, the sitting room after transformation, you can see perhaps, the designer did the opposite, boldly painted the bookcase of the wall size dark blue-black. To match with a black window frame to lead the vision to the roof and the window without noticing.

The contrast between dark window frames and pure white curtains perfectly solves another problem of townhouses, which is: not enough privacy. Even if the white curtain is completely lowered, it won't affect daylighting at all. At the same time, it forms color contrast with the black window frame, inadvertently, and even ake people in the house think the windows are open.

Tip: The rule of the low backrest. If you like wide sofas and fluffy cushions, don't let small spaces limit your taste. But keep one secret in mind - low backrest is the solution.

Tip: Avoid harsh lines. The harsh lines cut through space, making the room feel cramped. Please try to stay away from furniture with right angles. For example, the coffee table in the above picture adopted by Ms. Sharon is round, and its unique open brass base allows light to flow freely through the room, making the coffee table well blended in and integrated with the environment.

Picture: The dining room before transformation – nothing special.

Picture: The dining room after transformation – highlight of the home.

Use Your Imagination to “Recycle Room” and Make the Home Cohenrent

There is a very awkward area near Ms. Sharon's kitchen door, which connects the kitchen, the living room, the entrance gate, and the porch. So, it's more of a passageway. How to use this area?

The designer boldly recommended this place as a dining room. The result was a shock to Ms. Sharon: what used to be an abandoned space was now the focal point of the house. All the friends who have visited her take pictures here. It is also a vibe of being in a classic restaurant and slowly sipping high tea.

The sense of coherence is probably a topic that most homeowners don't pay much attention to or understand enough about when remodeling. It is a unified style of using decorations to lead people into the home little by little, to have a taste of each room. Eventually, the whole house will unfold like a book, and its story and feelings will be deeply recorded in the cells, which can never be erased. This is the top operation in home design that can test the skill set of a great designer's.

As shown above, the designer first used the collocation of colors to increase the sense of coherence. White and ivory, charcoal and gray, navy, and black. All furniture handle use frosted black and archaize brass to bind the entire design.

Picture: The bar next to the dining room and a large mirror hanging on the wall

Tip: Mirrors don't need to be monolithic. We are all well aware of the magical effect mirrors can have on the sense of space. However, covering a whole wall with a mirror brings the feeling of an old house from the 80s or a dance studio. The designer wanted to tell everyone this mistake can be dodged, please take the above picture of Ms. Sharon’s mirror wall as an example.

Use thick wooden bars to achieve a visual hierarchy and a sense of modern design. The position of these bars is particular. They coincide with the roof beam and perfectly highlight the charm of the old house. You may hang some paintings to add more layers.

Picture: The kitchen before transformation

Picture: The kitchen after transformation

A Secret Corner: How to Increase Resell Value by Remodeling the Kitchen

Remodel the kitchen is one of the most important steps in every home renovation, also where people often are most willing to invest. The kitchen in this case is a typical mini kitchen. The designer screamed that we had to find a creative way to get it done.

So, the designer took off the glass frame and the wood cabinets above the sink and adopted open wood shelves. On the other side, the designer added white photo shelves you can get from Ikea to create a half-empty space for decorating and hanging cups.

Wall color and ceramic tile are the keys to a successful kitchen renovation. You can apply ceramic tiles to the ceiling for a small kitchen. The traditional and classic subway tile design plays an important role here.

  • The subway tile, which originated in the century-old subway system in New York City, is to make the house feel historic.
  • It is a white reflective material, with the width twice the height to emphasize the extension of the space, makes the kitchen look clean.
  • You may choose an innovative pattern for subway tiles to add your personality to it.

Tip: 8 most common subway tile patterns

1. Classic Running Bond
2. Vertical Running Bond
3. 45-Degree Herringbone Pattern
4. Double Basket Weave
5. 90-Degree Herringbone Pattern
6. Horizontal Stacked Bond
7. Vertical Stacked Bond
8. Stacked Running Bond

Use Dramatic Colors to Construct a Layered Life

A bold attempt is to divide the walls of the home into two large longitudinal sections and fill them with contrasting colors. Such a design is probably not something most people would use in the living room and dining room where guests first lay their eyes on. But in the age, we can freely express ourselves and show who we truly are, adopt this kind of design to the bedroom allows every sweet girl to release the universe inside them just like Ms. Sharon’s home design.

Choose colors without hue. When you make the color division, it can be half of the wall or 1/3. Align the position of a window frame, threshold, or ceiling light. The top half of the color can be extended to the roof and use the same color as the roof.

If there are too many colors, people will feel dazzled. The designer recommends one neutral color and the other one bright. If neat lines make you feel constrained, you can also learn from Ms. Sharon, using paintings and mirrors to partially break lines.

Tip: Matching pieces. Pay attention to the materials and colors of lamps, picture frames, chandeliers, and curtain racks in your bedroom to have them match and address the importance of a sense of coherence.

Picture: The bathroom before transformation

Picture: The bathroom after transformation

Who would have thought there are so many designs to try in a tiny two-floor townhouse. I hope this article can inspire those who are remodeling their home. Don’t forget to forward to your friends if they are big fans of interior design!