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Why do you choose a licensed contractor? Because they are usually insured with a $1 million coverage, more professional, have at least four years of work experience, passed the written text to get a license, and their job will meet the government’s requirement. An inspector will help the homeowner to ensure the quality of a licensed contractor’s work.

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The licenses are issued for the following classifications:

  • Class “A”: General Engineering Contractor
  • Class “B”: General Building Contractor
  • Class “C”: Specialty Contractor. There are 42 subclassifications under Class “C”.

Class A contractors are specialized in public projects, such as the airports, roads, bridges, and schools;
Class B contractors are specialized in commercial buildings and private homes, have contracting business in new buildings, expansion, renovation, earthquake proof etc.;
Class C contractors are specialized in a specific skill, the common ones are electrical (C-10), painting (C-33), plumbing (C-36), roofing (C-39), fencing (C-13), flooring (C-15), concrete (C-8), and framing (C-5)…

  • C-2 - Insulation and Acoustical Contractor
  • C-4 - Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting Contractor
  • C-5 - Framing and Rough Carpentry Contractor
  • C-6 - Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor
  • C-7 - Low Voltage Systems Contractor
  • C-8 - Concrete Contractor
  • C-9 - Drywall Contractor
  • C10 - Electrical Contractor
  • C11 - Elevator Contractor
  • C12 - Earthwork and Paving Contractors
  • C13 - Fencing Contractor
  • C15 - Flooring and Floor Covering Contractors
  • C16 - Fire Protection Contractor
  • C17 - Glazing Contractor
  • C20 - Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractor
  • C21 - Building Moving/Demolition Contractor
  • C22 - Asbestos Abatement Contractor
  • C23 - Ornamental Metal Contractor
  • C27 - Landscaping Contractor
  • C28 - Lock and Security Equipment Contractor
  • C29 - Masonry Contractor
  • C31 - Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor
  • C32 - Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor
  • C33 - Painting and Decorating Contractor
  • C34 - Pipeline Contractor
  • C35 - Lathing and Plastering Contractor
  • C36 - Plumbing Contractor
  • C38 - Refrigeration Contractor
  • C39 - Roofing Contractor
  • C42 - Sanitation System Contractor
  • C43 - Sheet Metal Contractor
  • C45 - Sign Contractor
  • C46 - Solar Contractor
  • C47 - General Manufactured Housing Contractor
  • C50 - Reinforcing Steel Contractor
  • C51 - Structural Steel Contractor
  • C53 - Swimming Pool Contractor
  • C54 - Ceramic and Mosaic Tile Contractor
  • C55 - Water Conditioning Contractor
  • C57 - Well Drilling Contractor
  • C60 - Welding Contractor
  • C-61 - Limited Specialty
  • ASB - Asbestos Certification
  • HAZ - Hazardous Substance Removal Certification

You may find the definition of the license at the link below:
CSLB Licensing Classifications

It is cheaper to hire an unlicensed contractor but will cause a lot of troubles for the house in the future, such as leaking, moldy walls, bolts, clogged pipes, etc. Because they have never passed a professional test, nor has their work been inspected by an inspector. Secondly, because they are not insured, the homeowners will have to take all the risks.

Please narrow down the contractors to the licensed, and you will find the one that does the best job for a lower price among them.