1 年前
Airconditioning system is one of the most essential factors that ensure a comfortable living environment. It is important for either a self-occupation or a rental home. So, can you change an AC by yourself?

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Recently, we met an experienced contractor from Mainland China, who asked us, can I change my AC by myself? Undeniably, he is knowledgeable about construction and has a solid background in the industry. We gave the flowing answer:

The Answer is No

He cannot change his AC unit by himself. Even with the technical know-how to install AC units, all electrical components will add the risk to the process. Besides, it requires meticulous experience in HVAC to ensure the AC unit fits. Delicate work also must be done after installation to make sure the AC energy can reach the highest efficiency. For example, you will need to properly balance the pipeline system, merge the new system into it, to figure out the best intelligent thermostat, and maximize the energy saved.

Another reason is that the installation of the new device is only half of the work, and the other half is to remove the old ones. According to our experience and analysis, it is safe to say that getting rid of the old device is probably the trickiest part of the AC installation, especially when chemical like freon is involved. Thus, to summarize the answers to the experienced contractor and everyone else, “Can I change my AC unit?” The answer is no. I strongly recommend you seek professional help from the trained workers because they can do it way better and help you to find a way to save money than DIY.

How to Save On Installing New AC?

First, you need to figure out the service year of the stove and AC system. You all know that the labor cost takes up a large proportion of the total cost. In this case, even if the service year of the stove and AC system is similar, if one is broken when the other still has a service life, it is better to replace both at once, because the replacement cost next time would be higher.

You can go to the local city to learn about energy-saving plans.

To ensure a green development, some cities in California have policies, whether in tax cuts or loans, to support energy-efficient equipment, doors, and windows. It is a good thing for us and the environment of the entire city.