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The longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes. If you often neglect the beauty, you will soon find yourself living in a rut. But if you are wise and keep pursuing, the beauty of life will be around you forever. This design utilizes space design to make the home look classy and spacious.

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Project Name:  Space Story
Floor Area:  215 squared meter
Design Period:  October 2018 – November 2018
Construction Period:  January 2019 – December 2019

The longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes. If you often neglect the beauty, you will soon find yourself living in a rut. But if you are a wise suitor, the beauty of life will be around you forever. This design utilizes space design to make the home look classy and spacious. It explores the space through the integration of the related materials and focuses more on the overall look. Combined with the functional requirements, it masters the atmosphere of the space to give the final temperament output.

Living Room
kitchen inspiration 1

The living room adopts the technique to introduce a lot of outdoor views and lighting inside. If you also have large floor-to-ceiling windows at home, this design can make your home more versatile. The designer utilizes the ceiling light above the dining table and the floor lamp next to the sofa to make interesting changes happen in vertical vision, also add rich layers to the place as the vision keeps moving forward. To create a bright living room, the designer handpicks white materials, the white walls and furniture give the living room more lighting.

kitchen inspiration 2

The split-level ceiling creates a height difference between the center and the edges that make different spatial levels. The row of spotlights on the outer edge of the TV background wall highlights the main character visually while avoiding the boring vision of four plain walls and directing where the sofa should be set. This setting requires a great height of the ceiling, and we recommend it to be at least 9 feet tall, or it may make the room depressed looking. If you have a room tall and spacious enough, you can consider this method.

kitchen inspiration 3 kitchen inspiration 4

Each small space is interactively separated, which makes the rooms connected rather than interfering with the individual comfort space. A semi-partitioned TV background wall allows the living room to connect with the foyer to make the living room more spacious. White marble floor with a fascinating pattern combined with walnut floor to create a sophisticated and tranquil room. The red plant gives it a classic touch to show the owner’s great taste in lifestyle. Semi-partitioned decoration enlarges your room, if you have a spacious home and like this style, we recommend you trying it out.

kitchen inspiration 5

The kitchen also borrows outdoor views and introduces the lighting from outside to brighten the room and allow an unlimited visual experience in a limited space. The elegant while marble bar blends perfectly with the floor. While countertop and cabinets make the kitchen neat and glossy that you might accidentally fall in love with this place. The aisle between the bar and the stove is wide enough to make it easily functional. Handleless cabinets spare your worries of bumping them. Also, the designer hides the oven inside the cabinet to achieve a flat surface. And this method can save a lot of areas.

kitchen inspiration 6

Black glass sliding doors connect the kitchen and the living room and transform the two rooms into one visually. Meanwhile, the dark-colored glass and dark-colored walnut flooring complement each other. We usually hate the smoke falls on furniture in the living room, but we love the brightness an open kitchen creates. If you wish to have a functional kitchen without letting the smoke get into the living room, we recommend you add a partition between your kitchen and living room like so.

kitchen inspiration 7

The designer uses the dining table as the transition of two rooms which allows the kitchen and the living room separated in function. To achieve visual integrity, the designer uses spotted marble countertops to enrich the place. Try different materials if you want to have a versatile space.

kitchen inspiration 8

To make the home brighter during the day, the designer uses a large area of white walls. White wallboard, walnut wallboard, and marble flooring add variety and stability to the place, while the golden line on the wall make the room delicate.

kitchen inspiration 9 kitchen inspiration 9

A great amount of vertical lines is adopted by the designer to make the ceiling look even higher. Vertical decorative lines create an optical illusion to increase the height of the home. If you are not satisfied with the visual height of your ceiling, we suggest you trying this technique. The semi-open partition can make different rooms into one, while the marble and walnut floorings clearly separate them. This method gives the home full of changes.

Floor Plan
kitchen inspiration 10 kitchen inspiration 11