a year ago
The Oceanview Residence is located on a cliff in the northeast side of West Seattle, which is surrounded by the stunning views of Harbor Island, Seattle, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

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The reverse plan design of the kitchen, dining room and living room maximizes the views and natural light. The bedroom is designed on the middle floor. The lounge on the first floor connecting to the landscape. The envelope structure design provides maximum daylight for north and east while south and west reserve the owner’s privacy.

The building has an irregulate geometric appearance accommodating the changes in terrain. The classic geometric structure makes the building stable and unique. Meanwhile, the designer intermixed three colors of rigid metal, staid wood, and white walls to create a versatile architectural appearance. On top of the building, the color palette of the blue sun umbrella and log creates a comfortable space with a coastal accent. The materials of this building stay consistent with the characteristics of Bay Area architecture. To build a house with such versatile appearance, we need to consider earthquake resistance of the building and use proper seismic materials to achieve the perfect architectural appearance. We would more than glad to help you to find the ideal construction team on our platform.


Open space design is the biggest feature of this building. To bring more views indoor, the designer used large areas of glass as the walls. Bright light and the breathtaking views outside are what most charming about this space. The designer did not overuse materials in interior design. The minimalist interior design allows people standing in this space to focus more on the beautiful urban views outside. The black TV background and sunken gas fireplace make this place warm and peaceful; the light grey couch and white carpet make this place soft and cozy; and the red decorative paintings on the wall give this place passion. Downlights line up on the ceiling simply and fitly. It is the space that relaxes and consoles both the host and the guests.


The open kitchen makes this space brighter and homier. The classic double-sided Nakajima design of the dining room and kitchen allows the comfort of family dining; the white hanging cabinet brings more light to the room; the yellow-toned floor and Nakajima countertop make it cozy and tranquil. You may refer to the list of cabinet manufacturers in the Bay Area we provide for you to find your desired style of cabinet. Shopping Guide for Five Affordable Cabinetry Dealer in the Bay Area

The readily available bookcase behind the couch reflects its owner’s carefree and affluent lifestyle. The Eames lounge chair is time-honored, in which you can chat freely and relax.


The 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows lighten the space and allow you to wake up to the views of the whole city. Indoor plants and outdoor plants draw these two spaces into one. Minimalist interior design frees us to pay more attention to the magnificent views outside.


▲ Because the bathroom faces the ocean, a large area of glass window is used to brighten the room. Dark-colored floor and wall tiles are selected by the designer to protect the privacy of the user.

▲ LED light installed on the bathroom mirror makes the room brighter.

▲ Blue is the dominant color of this bathroom and fills the space with the laid-back flavor of a coastal city. The rectangular window on the bathroom wall brings in plenty of daylight.

The rooftop offers city views and sunbathing. The outdoor wooden floor makes this area full of peace of life.

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Images are provided by BUILD LLC, images of bird-eye view are provided by Savatgy.